Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Good question!

Question: What is the deepest way to show somebody you love them?

Advice: This question made me really think. I guess it really depends on who you are; like the type of person you are. If you aren't all loving and such then it's not too deep. As corny as it sounds, I think it's the small things. Like when they ask you a question analyze every possible thing that they could mean by it and choose the best possible one that they could mean and actually ask questions when they tell their feelings. Act interested. Look into their eyes when they talk. Make them laugh. Make them feel loved. Joke with them. Be serious. Think about them. Ask them what they are thinking. Just be yourself, act COMPLETELY like yourself around them. Don't hold anything back. Be their best friend. Don't let them down. If they aren't a bonehead they'll see how much you love them and never want to let you go. I hope I helped.

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